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Store Update: Jawbox, Dead Meadow


Jawbox - My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents

Originally released on CD by DeSoto in 1998, My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents gathers a number of hard to find odds and sods recorded throughout Jawbox’s eight-year existence. The collection has now been pressed to vinyl for the first time ever by Germany's Arctic Rodeo Recordings as a purple-swirl colored double LP. The track list includes the band's 1994 Peel Session as well as previously unreleased studio recordings, four songs drawn from a live set taped at HFStival in 1996, and a number of covers. There’s a few extras in there, too: a CD version of the album and two large booklets with never before seen photos and a complete list of Jawbox's performances.

Dead Meadow - Peel Sessions

Recorded in 2000 in Arlington, VA, Dead Meadow's six-song Peel Session is among the only session recordings that the much-loved radio presenter allowed to be taped outside of the UK (at the time, the band had no money to travel abroad). This record also includes demo takes of "Golden Cloud" and "White Worm" which recorded around the same time, though in a different session. It’s worth picking up for the fairly epic take of “Indian Bones” alone, though.

(Aaron Leitko)

Store Update: Daniel Higgs, Young Trynas


Daniel Higgs - The Book of Antennae

This pocket-size volume collects a number of poems and written works by Lungfish vocalist, Daniel Higgs. Self-published in a limited edition during the early ’00s and long since out-of-print, the book has now been reissued by Chicago-based imprint Featherproof Books. From the publisher: “[The book] rewards repeated readings by revealing the Language of Nature, The Nature of Spirit, The Spirit of Science, The Science of Love, The Love of The Occult, and The Occult of Language.”

Young Trynas - Probably Music

Five songs by Baltimore, MD based punk/hardcorre outfit, Young Trynas. Originally released on cassette in an extremely limited edition, White Denim has reissued this record as a 7" single. Features Taylor Mulitz of Washington, DC's Priests on vocals and guitar. You can preview this release here.

(Aaron Leitko)

Store Update: The Make-Up, The Gotobeds, Thee Goochi Boiz


The Make Up - Sound Verite

The Make Up’s second full-length LP, recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio during a brief stop-over in Olympia, WA in 1996. Sound Verite finds the band in a raw and spontaneous mindset, with all songs having been composed on the spot. Includes unstoppable classics, “Make Up Is Lies” and “Hot Coals.” “Turn on to the idea of Sound Verite and understand that the struggle of culture vs. Make-Up is the struggle vs. Destiny. The struggle to stop history itself,” writes K Records, refusing to understate the record’s significance.

The Gotobeds - Poor People Are Revolting

The debut full-length from Pittsburgh, PA quartet, The Gotobeds. Excellent post-punk tunes that take some general inspiration from Wire, The Fall, and Wipers as well as contemporary heavies like Tyvek and Total Control. Originally released on LP by 12XU, this cassette version has been made available via Accidental Guest Recordings. Recommended.

Thee Goochi Boiz - Oops/Fast Food For the Teenage Soul

This LP compiles the first two records from Boulder, Colorado garage rock outfit, Thee Goochi Boiz. Fine skuzzy and snotty lo-fi pop. Both releases were previously available only on cassette via Burger Records.

(Aaron Leitko)

Store Update: Two Inch Astronaut, Zomes, Grave Walks


Two Inch Astronaut - Foulbrood

The first proper full-length from Silver Spring, Maryland trio, Two Inch Astronaut. Ten songs that sometimes recall the sounds of DC-area bands like Bluetip and Shudder to Think, but that also possess a slightly skewed melodic sensibility that transcends those influences. Stream this LP here. Recommended.

Zomes - Variations Vol. 1

This is a vinyl reissue of Variations Vol. 1, a collection of improvised organ pieces by Lungfish guitarist Asa Osborne that was originally released on cassette in 2012 by Imminent Frequencies. Deeply meditative and stripped down, it’s some of Asa’s finest work under the Zomes name. Limited edition of 300 copies on white vinyl.

Grave Walks - She’s a Suicide

A one-off collaboration between Swami Records alumni Dan Sartain and Jacob Turnbloom (of San Diego psych-pop outfit, Mrs. Magician). Two gloomy garage-pop tunes that take inspiration from ’50s b-movies and horror flicks.

- Aaron Leitko

Store Update: Ancient VVisdom, Wormwood, Beastmilk


Ancient VVisdom - Sacrificial

The third full-length from Cleveland, Ohio-based death-rock ensemble, Ancient VVisdom. On Sacrificial, the band backs away from the occult-folk style that guided its previous effort and embraces the sound of ’80s heavy metal.

Beastmilk - White Stains on Black Wax

A re-issue of a three-song single by Finnish outfit, Beastmilk. Music that takes influence from early ’80s post-punk acts like Bauhaus and Joy Division. Originally released on vinyl in 2011 by the Finnish label, Svart.

Wormwood - S/t

The full-length debut from Boston-based sludge/doom ensemble, Wormwood (which features members of Doomriders). Dark and intense reverb-soaked music that was recorded, mixed, and mastered 100% analog.

Store Update: Roomrunner, Jail Solidarity


Roomrunner - Separate

Six new songs from Baltimore-based quartet, Roomrunner. Recorded with J Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines), these songs find the band taking up a more collaborative approach to songwriting and shifting toward a more overtly melodic sound. It’s still plenty heavy, though. Recommended. You can preview the songs here.

Jail Solidarity - Pretty Good Privacy

The second cassette EP from Washington, DC-based trio, Jail Solidarity. Four slow, and sludgy songs featuring former members of D.C.-based outfits Body Cop and Mary Christ.

(Aaron Leitko)

Store Update: The Ar-Kaics, Brief Weeds, Paint Branch, The Make-Up


Brief Weeds - Songs of Innocence and Experience

Brief Weeds was a project formed by Guy Picciotto, Brendan Canty, Michael Hampton, and Eddie Janney. This four-song single was the band’s second released and was released by K Records in 1993, but the music was recorded earlier, during the late ’80s. Though all four performed together in either Rites of Spring or One Last Wish, Brief Weeds was a very different type of thing – spontaneous home recorded music that was heavily informed by ’60s psychedelic pop.

Paint Branch - I Wanna Live

After a series of production delays, Paint Branch’s debut album I Wanna Live -- which was released digitally last year -- is finally available on LP. The record reunites Chris Richards and John Davis, both formerly of Q and Not U, for 11 vocal harmony-heavy and acoustic guitar-driven songs. Recorded by Chad Clark, of Beauty Pill, and limited to 200 copies courtesy of Cricket Cemetery Records.

The Ar-Kaics - S/t

The full-length debut LP from Richmond, VA trio, The Ar-Kaics. Thirteen excellently executed and slightly spaced-out garage-rock songs that stand up alongside the deepest Pebbles and Nuggets cuts. Features members of The Shirks

The Make Up - Save Yourself

The Make-Up’s fourth studio album. Originally released in 1999, it’s now back in print on LP via K Records. Includes much-loved songs like, “C’mon, Let’s Spawn” and “I Am Pentagon.”

(Aaron Leitko)

Dinged Bluetip, Branch Manager, Trusty, Fire Party LPs Now Available at Discount


We recently found a number of old stock LPs with lightly dinged covers. In most cases, it’s just normal wear and tear from being on the shelf for a while. Below, you can find a list of these titles for sale at a slightly reduced price.


BluetipJoin Us

Branch ManagerAnything Tribal

Branch ManagerS/T

TrustyThe Fourth Wise Man

Holy Rollers As Is


Fire PartyS/T

Store Update: Downtown Boys, The Apes, Ar-Kaics, Mrs. Magician


Downtown Boys - S/t

Four fast and chaotic saxophone-driven punk rock songs from Providence, RI-based sextet, Downtown Boys. Recorded by Priests guitarist G.L. at Swim Two Birds in Washington, D.C. and released via Sister Polygon Records. Recommended, but if you don’t want to take my word for it, there’s a nice little write up on it over at Yellow Green Red.

The Ar-Kaics - Make It Mine

Two more moody garage rock tunes from Richmond, VA-based trio, The Ar-Kaics, which features former/current members of Chain & the Gang and The Shirks.

The Apes - Bodies

These brand new recordings from D.C.’s much-missed heavy rock outfit, The Apes, find the band reunited with their original vocalist, Paul Weil, for the first time since 2005. Heavy on the fuzz and creepy, wheezing keyboard tones, both songs – “Bodies” and “Ooop Ahhh” – are about as weird and excellent as anything the band released during its initial run.

Mrs. Magician - Friday Night

Tasteful, but retro-minded ’60s-style pop with gloomy undertones from San Diego, CA. These two songs follow up the band’s debut LP, Strange Heaven, which arrived in 2012 via Swami Records.

(Aaron Leitko)

Store Update: Puff Pieces, The Wedding Dress, Skull Defekts, Coup Sauvage & the Snips


Puff Pieces4-Songs

Mike Andre and Justin Moyer – both formerly of Antelope – formed Puff Pieces with Amanda Huron (Caution Curves, Vertebrates) in 2012. Since then, the band has popped up regularly on bills in D.C., performing a unique, high-anxiety brand of minimalist music. This four-song single was recorded, mixed, and mastered in just four hours with Devin Ocampo (Medications, Faraquet). You can check out the song “New Nazis” here.

The Wedding DressLoom/Heavy Earth

The Wedding Dress is an outlet for the songs that Maps & Atlases guitar player, Erin Elders writes during his "math-pop" band's fleeting downtime. It’s a distinctly different affair, though -- more layered, plaintive and measured than anything else in his catalog. The 7" is a limited edition teaser for a full-length due out in the fall.

Skull DefektsDances in Dreams of the Known Unknown

Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown is the third release from Swedish experimental/punk quartet Skull Defekts to be made in collaboration Daniel Higgs (Lungfish, The Pupils). Here, Higgs joins vocalists Joachim Nordwall and Daniel Fagerstroem in a set of songs that draw from psychedelic music, punk, folk dances, and free improvisation. It's a worthy successor to their 2011 effort, Peer Amid, which was also released via Chicago's Thrill Jockey Records.

Coup Sauvage & The SnipsSneaks

The debut single from Washington, DC-based ensemble, Coup Sauvage & the Snips. Two electronic pop songs that draw equal inspiration from of '60s Motown, '70s European variety TV, and the "Solid Gold" dancers from the '80s.

Store Update: Windian Records


D.C. Folks: On April 11th a number of D.C. bands – including Passing Phases, Cain & the Sticks, and Title Tracks – will perform a benefit at Comet Ping Pong for the family of Windian Records founder, Travis Jackson. More information can be found here.

Those who live outside of the area but still want to help out can donate here or purchase this covers record by Dan Sartain, the proceeds from which will be donated to Travis’ memorial fund.


Curtis Seals/Christian D'Orbit - The Scandalizer/Drive Me Crazy

Originally released in 1980, this split features the only non-Penetrators single that Fred Records would released during its short, but very important existence. A ’50s-style soul ripper with screaming saxophones and some slightly punkier stuff on the flip.

The Ar-Kaics - Why Should I/Slave to Her Lies

Well written and executed fuzz/jangle/dropout pop from Richmond, VA. Features members of The Shirks and Chain & the Gang.

Killer Bees - Buzz'n the Town

Two underappreciated Washington, D.C. punk tunes that were originally issued in 1979 by local label, Limp Records.

Penetrators - Shopping Bag

The great unreleased 45 from Syracuse, NY-based garage/punk band, The Penetrators. Recorded in 1981, the single was ultimately shelved when the band opted to use the pressing funds in order to shoot a video. Now it can finally be heard in its intended format.


Bizarros - Complete Collection

Crushed Butler - It’s My Life

Store Update: Minutes, Cigarette, Dudes, Teen Liver, Priests



The second full-length LP from Kalamazoo, MI/Washington, D.C. post-punk collective, Minutes. Twelve songs that were recorded in a basement on a Tascam 388 ¼” tape machine. Features long-time Dischord office regular Ryan Nelson (Most Secret Method, Soccer Team) sharing drum, guitar, and vocal duties. Preview the record in its entirety here.


The debut mini-LP from Washington, D.C./Arlington, VA-based slo-mo pop ensemble, Cigarette. Seven hazy and reverb-laden songs recorded by Hays Holladay (Bluebrain) in 2012. You can preview the whole record here. Limited to 250 copies.

DudesGreatest Hits

The debut release from this Washington, D.C. based lo-fi basement punk trio, which features members of Chain & the Gang. The first run of cassettes sold-out, but it’s back in print courtesy of the Priests-curated label, Sister Polygon Records. You can check it out here.

Teen LiverCassette

The cassette-only debut from Washington, D.C.-based garage-rock trio, Teen Liver. Nine weird, thrashy songs that invoke The Cramps, Devo, and Half Japanese. Includes members of Cigarette. Preview the whole tape here

Priests - Tape Two

Back in stock again. Same sounds, but with blue Xeroxed cover art.

December Specials Vol. 4: Faraquet’s “View From This Tower” and Medications’ “Completely Removed”


For our final week of December specials, we’re making Faraquet’s "The View From This Tower" and Medications’ "Completely Removed" LPs available for $7 each through Sunday, 12/29.

FaraquetThe View From This Tower

MedicationsCompletely Removed

December Specials Vol. 3: Lungfish’s “Talking Songs For Walking” and “Indivisible”


For our third week of December specials, we’re making Lungfish’s “Talking Songs For Walking” and “Indivisible” LPs available for $7 each through Sunday, 12/22.

Lungfish - Talking Songs For Walking

Lungfish - Indivisible

December Specials Vol. 2: Rites of Spring’s “Six Song Demo” and One Last Wish’s “1986”


Moving forward with this month’s series of weekly specials, we’re making Rites of Spring’s “Six Song Demo” and One Last Wish’s “1986” available on CD and LP for $7 each through Sunday, December 15th.

Rites of Spring - Six Song Demo

One Last Wish1986

December Specials Vol.1: Faith "Subject to Change + First Demo" and Void "Sessions 1981-83"


Throughout the month of December, Dischord mail-order will be offering weekly specials on select releases.

This week, we’re kicking things off with Faith’s “Subject to Change + First Demo” and Void’s “Sessions 1981-83”, which will be available on CD and LP for $7 each through Sunday, December 8th.

Faith - Subject to Change + First Demo

Void - Sessions 1981-83

Store Update: Deleted Scenes, Fulgora, Coke Bust, The Shirks


Deleted Scenes - Stutter

Formed during the mid-’00s in D.C., Deleted Scenes play dazed and melancholy pop music. Over the last couple of years, they’ve come into their own, developing a more manic and warped melodic sensibility that, stylistically speaking, picks up some cues from local peers like Buildings, Medications, and The Dismemberment Plan.

We recently picked up a few of their releases to sell at Dischord Direct, including this two song 7” the band recorded earlier this year with producer Brian McTear at Philadelphia’s Miner Street Recordings. They’ve got a new LP coming up this spring. You can listen to “Stutter” here.

Deleted Scenes Young People’s Church of the Air

Deleted Scenes’ second full-length, originally released on Sockets Records in 2011.

Deleted Scenes Bedbedbedbedbed EP

A four-song precursor EP to Young People’s Church of the Air that includes an acoustic take on the title track and fairly twisted-up cover of the Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please Let me Get What I Want.”

Fulgora Splinter b/w Crutch

The second single from this St. Louis/Baltimore-based grindcore band that features drummer Adam Jarvis of Pig Destroyer.

Coke BustConfined

Nine pummeling, no-frills hardcore tunes from Washington, D.C.’s Coke Bust. Their first new release since 2011’s Degradation EP.

The ShirksAction Men

The latest single from D.C.-based garage-punks, The Shirks. All the fast and heavy three-chord rock moves of their recent full-length on Grave Mistake, only with the grit-level dialed back a single notch.

Store Update: Des Ark, This Will Destroy You, The Dismemberment Plan, Cool "Disco" Dan


Des ArkLive on WXDU Vol. 3

There are two types of Des Ark shows: The loud ones, where Aimee Argote brings a backing band and a car full of amps, and the quiet ones, where she dials back the volume to an intimate, living-room appropriate level. Live at WXDU Vol. 3 is one of the latter. This record – originally released on LP by Paramnesia and now reissued by Lovitt -- includes nine songs recorded live on WXDU by Ross Grady in 2010. It’s just Aimee, her voice, and an acoustic guitar, with a few guest riffs from Pygmy Lush’s Johnny Ward. The vinyl is coke bottle clear and the cover art features a two-color screen-print.

This Will Destroy You - Live in Reykjavik, Iceland

A live triple LP double CD concert album including material drawn from Young Mountain, S/T, and Tunnel Blanket. All songs were performed and recorded at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland. LPs in this 1st pressing are colored black, marbled grey, and white.

The Dismemberment Plan The Uncanney Valley

The Plan’s fifth full-length record. Uncanney Valley (yes, it's supposed to be spelled that way) includes 10 brand new tunes recorded with J. Robbins in Baltimore, Maryland.


A reissue of the first and only EP from the short-lived Washington, D.C. punk outfit, Beaver. Originally released in 1981, Beaver was fronted by Tom Lyle, who would go on to found Government Issue.

The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan DVD

The Legend of Cool Disco Dan is a feature documentary that tells the story of Washington, D.C. in the 1980s through the eyes of D.C. graffiti legend, Cool "Disco" Dan. Blending exclusive interviews with dozens of local and national celebrities along with archival footage, the film offers a comprehensive portrait of this critical decade. Narrated by Henry Rollins.

R.I.P. Sockets Records


After eight years and who knows how many CDs, LPs, and CD-Rs, Washington D.C.’s Sockets Records closed up shop in February following a final concert/ merch-blowout at the Black Cat. Hume and Imperial China – two of the label’s longest running bands – went down with it, making the label’s closing party their final show.

Now, more than six months later, we have picked up some of the label’s remaining stock and made it available via Dischord Direct.

Founded by Sean Peoples, Sockets began as a CD-R label that focused mainly on experimental music – releasing improv-oriented works by groups like Na (Japan) and Kohoutek (DC), as well as an audio-zine series that featured contributions from Dischord artists like Guy Picciotto and Justin Moyer. After a number of releases, the label moved on to vinyl records, releasing LPs by groups like Skeletons, Buildings, and Deleted Scenes.

You can watch a 30-minute documentary on the label here. (Aaron Leitko)

BuildingsEverything in Parallel

Buildings’ debut LP. Lush instrumental rock that’s heavy on the guitar solos.


The debut mini-LP by Washington, D.C.-based quartet, Hume. Captures the group in its first full-band line-up, playing music that's about 50/50 power-pop and prog. A split release between Sockets and J Street Records.

HumeInverse Fireworks b/w One Drug

Two songs by Hume. The band's first release with guitarist Peter Tran and only record to feature keyboard playing by pianist Leo Svirsky.

Macaw Celadon

Six ambient compositions recorded using a Roland TR-707 and various analog synthesizers by Hume drummer Wilson Kemp. Pressed on translucent green vinyl with hand-screened cover art in black or brown.

Store Update: Two Inch Astronaut, Ruby Pins, Dismemberment Plan, Dealbreaker


Two Inch AstronautBad Brother

The nine-song 12” debut EP by this Silver Spring, Maryland-based trio. Despite their close proximity to D.C., I had no idea that they existed until an out of town friend mentioned that they were “killing it.” Pretty great stuff, though. Jittery guitar-driven prog-punk tunes that recalls Shudder to Think and Brainiac as well as contemporary peers/tour mates Speedy Ortiz. Recommended. (Aaron Leitko)

Ruby PinsRuby Pins

The debut solo LP by Grass Widow drummer/singer Lillian Maring. Ten lightly psychedelic, but melancholy-tinged indie-pop tunes. Recommended. (AL)

Dismemberment PlanEmergency & I

The Plan’s most beloved full-length back in print as a gatefold double LP.


Six punk/thrash tracks from this Arlington, VA two-piece that features Ian Thompson, who runs the label Cricket Cemetery, on drums.

Store Update: Fan Death Records


We’re now stocking a handful of titles from the Fan Death Records catalog. I first met Chris and Sean, who run the label, in 2009, when they were living in College Park, Maryland, shortly after they pressed their first release, Ready 2 Fight -- a single-sided 12” featuring Clockcleaner’s epic 15-minute take on Negative Approach’s “Ready to Fight” (recorded live while opening for Negative Approach ). It was a good record to start with -- one that set a precedent for their musical tastes (loud, weird) and, maybe more importantly, for their sense of humor.

Since then, they’ve continued to release a string of cool, mostly unclassifiable singles, LPs, and cassettes from folks like Jason Urick, Puerto Rican Flowers, and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (to name a few personal faves). (Aaron Leitko)

RoomrunnerIdeal Cities

The debut full-length from Baltimore-based “bunge” pioneers, Roomrunner. Loud songs that take some inspiration from certain ’90s-era fuzz-pedal purveyors, but are also deeply linked to present-day peers like Dope Body and Metz, with whom they’ve toured. Lead by former Double Dagger drummer, Denny Bowen.


Roomrunner’s six-song self-titled debut cassette.

Screen Vinyl ImageSiberian Eclipse

Two hazy, Factory Records-indebted dream-pop tunes from this D.C.-area duo.

Store Update: Big Eyes, Marriage, Bad Brains


Big EyesAlmost Famous

The sophomore album from Seattle-based power-pop trio, Big Eyes. An office staff favorite! Preview the whole record now, via Grave Mistake’s website.

MarriageFor Brotzmann

The debut full-length LP form Austin, Texas-based quintet, Marriage, which includes former Black Eyes drummer, Mike Kanin. Heavy, dissonant percussion and dub-inflected grooves that carry the ball forward from last year’s 7” single (which is also back in stock, btw). If you were a fan of Black Eyes’ first LP, you will probably not be disappointed. Preview a song here.

Bad BrainsLive at CBGB

Bad Brains live LP that draws from three nights’ worth of performances at CBGBs in December 1982. Note that it’s an entirely different set of songs/takes than the CD and DVD versions.

Also just in:

Christie Front DriveFirst LP


SickoidsNo Home EP

Lucian Perkin's "Hard Art, D.C. 1979" now available


Lucian PerkinsHard Art, D.C. 1979

In 1979, a soon-to-erupt punk scene took hold in Washington, D.C., with bands like the Bad Brains, Teen Idles, the Untouchables, and the Slickee Boys at the forefront. Lucian Perkins, later a Pulitzer Prize–winning photojournalist for the Washington Post, was then an intern who photographed several pivotal shows over a short period of time. Hard Art collects these now iconic photos, pairing them with a narrative by Alec MacKaye and an essay by Henry Rollins.

New releases from Zomes, Office of Future Plans, Fulgora


ZomesTime Was

The latest LP from Lungfish guitarist Asa Osborne’s solo project, Zomes, Time Was marks a departure from the routines that he’s established over his last two releases. It’s the first Zomes record be recorded in a studio, rather than on a cassette deck, and also the first to be written as a duo featuring vocalist Hanna Olivegren.

ZomesEarth Grid

The second LP from Asa Osborne’s Zomes project is back in stock on CD and LP. Distorted, cyclical keyboard melodies held together with simple tape-looped drum beats. Preview the whole thing via Thrill Jockey’s here.

Office of Future Plans/DariaSplit 7”

The first in a series of 7” singles from Lovitt Records, this split features new tracks from Office of Future Plans and Daria, a band from Angers, France. The single contains an original song by each band plus 4 digital-only bonus tracks — two of each band covering the other, and two cover songs in honor of the late record producer Iain Burgess. You can preview the record here

Fulgora Risen b/w Artifice

The debut single from Fulgora, a new band that features Adam Jarvis, of Pig Destroyer and Misery Index, on the drums. Two heavy thrash cuts, limited to 100 copies. Nice little write-up here, if you need more info.

Dischord Direct Update 3/8/13


A couple of new items and a few restocks.

Roger Gastman - Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980s

Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980s explores the thriving underground of Washington, D.C., during the 1980s, giving visual form to the raucous energy of graffiti, Go-Go music, and a world-renowned punk and hardcore scene. This book serves as the catalog to the corresponding exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Stewart Dean Ebersole - Barred For Life: How Black Flag’s Iconic Tattoo Became Punk Rock’s Secret Handshake

Barred for Life is a photo documentary cataloging the legacy of Punk Rock pioneers Black Flag through stories, interviews, and photographs of diehard fans who wear their iconic logo.

Punk Planet - We Owe You Nothing: Punk Planet Collected Interviews

The first compilation of the riveting and provocative interviews of Punk Planet magazine, founded in 1994 and charging unbowed into the new millennium.

The Shirks - S/T

The debut LP by D.C. garage punk quartet, The Shirks. Eight raw and blown-out tracks that are over and done with in just about 20-minutes. Preview the record here.

EmpireExpensive Sound

Empire was a UK-based punk group formed by guitarist Bob Andrews and drummer Mark Laff during the early '80s, following the dissolution of Generation X, their band with singer Billy Idol. Empire only released one album, Expensive Sound and one single, "Hot Seat," before calling it quits. This reissue collects that material, plus seven unreleased tracks. An influential record for many Dischord groups, Rites of Spring in particular.

Black Eyes Shut Up, I never

This CD compiles Black Eyes' first 7" single, Some Boys b/w Shut Up, I Never, as well as their half of a split with D.C. math-rock titans, Early Humans. Both records are long OOP.

Windian Subscription Series No. 1


We are now stocking the complete collection of 7” singles from Windian Records’ first subscription series, which includes contributions from scuzz-rock heavies like Terry Malts, Suns of Guns, and Heavy Times.

Barreracudas - 7th Time Around b/w Nasty Boots

Two blown out, but hook-laden tunes from this Altanta, GA power-pop quartet. B-side, “Nasty Boots,” has sort of a budget Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers feel. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Heavy Times – K-9 b/w Lantern Trail

Psych-tinged garage sludge from this Chicago outfit that released a full length on Hozac Records last year.

Static Eyes – Trouble b/w Waves

Spittle-flecked and sloppy garage-punk from these carefree Midwestern bashers.

Suns of Guns 5,000 Watts b/w Ralph E. Static

D.C.’s Suns of Guns back in action after a couple of years of relative silence. B-side, “Ralph E. Static,” is the cut here.

Terry Malts Living With the Human Race b/w Over 21

Two new songs from San Francisco noise-pop trio Terry Malts, who had an LP on Slumberland last year. Includes a pretty great cover of Henry’s Dress’ “Over 21.”

Recent records by new (or new-ish) D.C. bands


Priests - Radiation b/w Personal Planes

Washington, D.C. riot-surf trio Priests follow up their debut cassette with this two song 7". Features Chain & the Gang’s Katie Alice Greer on the mic. Check out the songs here or catch them on tour.

Hume Phasing EP

The final release by Baltimore-via-D.C. experimentalists, Hume. Last year, the quartet cloistered itself in a rented house in upstate New York, hoping to write and record a full-length record. These two songs – “Phasing” and “Camwood on the Leaves” – are the only two tracks ever to see the light of day from those sessions. They provide a peek at the band as it shifted gears, switching from prog-riffage toward ambient trance music built from interlocking loops. Includes remixes by Doldrums, Dustin Wong (Ponytail), and Glass Window (Aaron from D.C.’s Protect-U).

America HeartsBe My Jones

The four-song debut single from America Hearts, which is lead by E.D. Sedgwick drummer Jess Matthews. You can preview the songs here.

New at Dischord Direct:


Ian Svenonius Supernatural Strategies For Making a Rock ’n’ Roll Group

A new must read text from Ian Svenonius, the author of The Psychic Soviet and a former member of the revolutionary musical outfits, The Make-Up, and The Nation of Ulysses . Here, Svenonius communes with the spirits of long-departed rock stars –Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, etc. – seeking insight into the history, meaning, and effective creation/destruction of the rock ’n’ roll group. “Supernatural Strategies” has everything the would-be star should know to get started: Including sage advice on sex, drugs, sound, group photos, vans, and the manufacture of nostalgia. The book is available in paperback and also in a hardbound special edition signed by the author.

Oldest S/T

Six tracks of raw, soot-caked avant-hardcore from New York’s OLDEST, a duo that includes guitarist Mick Barr (Orthrelm, Krallice, Crom-Tech) and drummer Brooks Headley (Born Against, Wrangler Brutes, Universal Order of Armageddon). Heavy stuff.

More new releases from other labels:


Buildings: Everything in Parallel

A couple of weeks back we picked up two LPs from DC’s Sockets Records to sell through the webstore. Among these: Buildings’ Everything in Parallel.

Buildings started out sometime around ’08 as a trio with guitarist Collin Crowe, drummer David Rich, and bassist Nick McCarthy (though a few other folks drifted in and out of the fold over the years, myself included). Collin’s old band, Sentai , took a lot of cues from early ’00s DC groups like Q and Not U and El Guapo, but also dumped a lot of old-school Nintendo sounds into the mix. It was sort of the missing link between Black Eyes and, like, Nyan Cat, I guess.

But Buildings had a more focused, meditative character. Collin stopped singing in order to concentrate on his guitar playing, which had become heavily informed by the Sublime Frequencies LPs, old school new age music, and goofball Japanese psych-rock. Nick’s tastes skewed a little more toward indie-pop, so he was writing basslines that were highly melodic, but sort of shaky and off-center. David was sort of forced to dwell in the space between those two poles. By the time they recorded Everything in Parallel, they had somehow made all of these elements align with one another. The first track, “Upwards Through Ever-Expanding Light” is pretty unstoppable. The record came out last year, but it’s still well worth picking up.

Heavy Breathing: Body Problems

The debut record by Heavy Breathing, a new band featuring Amanda Kleinman, Erick Jackson, and Jeff Schmidt, all formerly of The Apes. Seven heavy, kraut-rock-style psychedelic tunes.

Marriage: Gelatin Roots 7”

The two-song debut-single by Marriage, an Austin, Texas-based quintet that features former Black Eyes member Michael Kanin on Drums. Heavy percussion and eerie, damaged vibes.

Make-Up: I Want Some

Make-Up’s double LP singles collection, first released by K Records in 1999, is back in print via M’Lady’s. Includes many of the band’s best-loved cuts – “Blue is Beautiful,” “Born on the Floor,” “Walking on the Dune,” etc. Essential listening.

— Aaron Leitko

DeSoto Records Sale


In an effort to make a bit more room on our distro shelves, we’re having another sale. Everything we carry from DeSoto Records is being sold at a reduced price: CDs are only 5 dollars, and seven inches are only 2 dollars.

For those not familiar with Desoto, here’s the lowdown:
The label was started by the band Edsel back in the early ‘90s as a means of self-releasing their first 7 inch. When Jawbox got started, Kim Coletta asked the Edsel folks if she could use the DeSoto name for the first Jawbox single. Edsel agreed, and from there the label blossomed into what Kim called a “full-time labor of Love.”

Here’s a list of the releases we have left:

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