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Fort Reno 2014 is Back On


We’re pleased to announce that following a meeting between organizers and the authorities, an agreement has been reached that will allow this year’s Fort Reno Summer Concert Series to go forward. Our thanks go out to Amanda MacKaye and the Fort Reno volunteers for all of their work.

Fort Reno 2014 is in Jeopardy


For the first time in decades, the Fort Reno Summer Concert Series – an all-volunteer run organization which has hosted free all-ages outdoor shows by D.C.-area musicians since 1968 – is in danger of going dark.

The U.S. Park Service is currently withholding the event’s permit until the organizers agree to hire a Park Police officer to be present on site during each of the season’s bi-weekly concerts. Unfortunately, this cost will exceed Fort Reno’s entire yearly budget.

If you value this series and would like to see the season go forward, we urge you to make your feelings known to the Park Service, and also to encourage the Mayor and Ward 3 representative, Mary Cheh to intercede on Fort Reno’s behalf.

Contact information is listed after the jump.

New Vinyl Pricing as of August 1st


As of August 1st, we'll be raising the price of our vinyl records. LPs will be $13 , EPs $12 and 7"s will be $5. CD, DVDs and digital prices will stay the same.

Jawbox's "Novelty" and Chain & the Gang's "Minimum Rock n Roll" Out Now


The vinyl reissue of Jawbox’s second full-length, Novelty, and Chain & the Gang’s brand new record, Minimum Rock n Roll, are both out now and available for purchase via the Dischord webstore.

Chain & the Gang will also be touring Europe throughout May and June. Those dates are available here.

Channels’ “Open” and “Waiting For The Next End of the World” Out Now on Vinyl


Originally released on CD by DeSoto and Dischord Records respectively, Channels’s six-song Open EP and full-length debut Waiting For the Next End of the World are now available on LP for the first time ever, courtesy of Germany’s Arctic Rodeo Recordings. Both records have been pressed on colored vinyl and include a full-color insert and a CD version of the album.

Puff Pieces Debut Single Out Now on Lovitt Records


Justin Moyer and Mike Andre – both formerly of Antelope – have formed a new band with Amanda Huron (Caution Curves, Vertebrates) called Puff Pieces. Earlier this year, they recorded a 4-song single with Devin Ocampo (Medications), which is available now via Lovitt Records. You can listen to their song “New Nazis” here.

Jawbox's "Novelty" Now Available for Pre-Order


The vinyl reissue of Jawbox’s second full-length, Novelty, is now available for pre-order. Records will ship slightly in advance of the May 6th release date. Any additional items ordered will be held and shipped in the same package.

Chain & the Gang's "Minimum Rock 'n' Roll" Now Available For Pre-Order


Chain & the Gang’s new LP, Minimum Rock ’n’ Roll, is now available for pre-order. The record is due out May 13th via Radical Elite and will be exclusively distributed by Dischord in the US.

Pre-order copies will ship slightly in advance of the official release date. Any items ordered with the record will be held and shipped in the same package. You can preview the song “Devitalize” here.

Jawbox's "Novelty" back in print on vinyl in May


This spring, we'll be re-pressing Jawbox’s long out-of-print second album, Novelty, on vinyl. Novelty was recorded at Inner Ear Studios in January of 1992 with producer Iain Burgess and was the band's first full-length to feature guitar player Bill Barbot. The record has been remastered and recut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Studios and will be pressed onto clear-colored vinyl with revised artwork.

Also, S.O.A’s First Demo 12/29/80 is officially out and available for purchase on 7” vinyl or Mp3 download here.

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