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Windian win20021 Chinese Burns Calculator

It’s been a year or so since CHINESE BURNS [Melbourne, Australia] released their last 45, two years since ‘CAN DIG’ 7? and the wait is totally worth it. You might remember them from a featured interview with TERMINAL BOREDOM. You might remember you have one of your favorite 7?s in your collection from these guys. This is a one-up. The latest effort features 4 tracks of broken feverish Garage Punk, from beginning to end, A to B, this 7? is effortlessly complete. ‘Kiss Fist’ was featured on the WINDIAN SUMMER COMPILATION, and was a favored track among the voices that actually got the CD. First 100 copies feature art by the fantastic CHOPPER! Released by Windian Records in 2011.

  1. Calculator
  2. Oh How I Struggle
  3. Kiss Fist
  4. Steal Your Prayers