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I Steal and Do Drugs


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Teenbeat tb350 HollAnd I Steal and Do Drugs

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A CD and DVD set that includes films and music by Trevor Kampman (aka HollAnd). Released by TeenBeat Records in 2004.

  1. Bloodbath
  2. Perfect Lineage Saved (CD instrumental)
  3. I Like My Pulse Bloodbath (CD instrumental)
  4. Audio Palindrome (CD instrumental)
  5. Softcore War (CD instrumental)
  6. J.F.A. (CD instrumental)
  7. An Empire, A Sitcom Set (CD instrumental)
  8. Jodie Foster's Army (DVD video vignette)
  9. Perfect Lineage Saved (DVD video vignette)
  10. I Like My Pulse (DVD video vignette)
  11. Softcore War (DVD video vignette)
  12. An Empire, a Sitcom Set (DVD video vignette)