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Working Holiday Comp.


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Simple Machines sm26 v/a Working Holiday Comp.

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Compiles all the tracks from the entire 7" series onto one handy 80-minute CD. That means tracks from Versus, Scrawl, Lungfish, The Tinklers, Codeine, The Coctails, Eggs, Jonny Cohen, Veronica Lake, My Dad is Dead, Rastro, Lois, Nothing Painted Blue, Small Factory, Tsunami, Jawbox, Crackerbash, The Grifters, Crain, Pitchblende, Swirlies, Caterpillar and Superchunk!

  1. 11:59 It's January - Scrawl
  2. Tin Foil Star - Versus
  3. James Brown - The Tinklers
  4. Abraham Lincoln - Lungfish
  5. Ides - Codeine
  6. Working Holiday Theme - The Coctails
  7. Roll Away the Stone - Eggs
  8. Christmas Trees Everywhere - Jonny Cohen
  9. Saints Above - Veronica Lake
  10. Where is Our Reason - My Dad is Dead
  11. Kiss Me - Rastro
  12. Another Child Bride - Painted Blue
  13. Indie - Lois
  14. If You Hurt Me - Small Factory
  15. Kidding on the Square - Tsunami
  16. Falk - Jawbox
  17. Back to School - Crackerbash
  18. Under the Ground - Grifters
  19. Coalmine #666 - Crain
  20. A Penny for the Guy - Pitchblende
  21. Night of the Chill Blue - Superchunk
  22. Winter's Come - Caterpillar