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TPS Reports Vol.1


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Red Stapler Records rsr06 v/a TPS Reports Vol.1

A compilation featuring tracks from D.C. based artists, including Gist, Morris, Carol Bui, Laura Burhenn, and more.

  1. Asunder - Gist
  2. These Days Are Like Traffic - Morris
  3. Emotional Vampire - The Chance
  4. Querido - Maginot Line
  5. Somebody's Else's Jacket - Los Hermanos Rodriguez
  6. Gin is an Energy Drink - Verbal
  7. Just for the Night - Laura Burhenn
  8. From a Nash to a Powell - Filo Betto
  9. Against All Odds - 19 Nustyle Vibemasterz
  10. I'm Goin' Out - Shoddy Workmanship
  11. Miracle of Modern Living - Confidence Man
  12. Don't Call Him By Name - Carol Bui
  13. Solid Gold - The Lime Twigs
  14. Benign - Exit Clov
  15. Are You Buzzed - Apehouse
  16. Cadillac Dreamz - Dirty Water