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Northern Liberties nolib2 Daniel Higgs Magic Alphabet

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Magic Alphabet includes 17 instrumental jew's harp improvisations recorded by Daniel Higgs in 2003.

These improvisations are spare and hypnotic, some with sparse beats, most naked and self apparent. This is not pop music by any stretch of the imagination, rather it's an invitation to explore and meditate on the purity, simplicity and range of a singular organic instrument.

1. Fear Not + queue
2. Holy Compartments + queue
3. Listen, Dear One + queue
4. Beyond Within + queue
5. Future Echoes + queue
6. Skull Song + queue
7. God's Shadow + queue
8. Eastward + queue
9. Cosmic Equinox + queue
10. Fountain of Words + queue
11. It's Behind You + queue
12. Ardhanarisvara + queue
13. Time Again + queue
14. Magic Alphabet + queue
15. Mirror of Song + queue
16. Copious Tears + queue
17. Thanksgiving + queue