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"Backpfeifengesicht" b/w "Airstrip One"


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Free Criminal Records FC01 Channels "Backpfeifengesicht" b/w "Airstrip One"

Two songs recorded by Channels in 2016.

The two songs on this single are the first two songs written and fully arranged by the newly re-energized Channels. The lyrics are a reaction to the upending of the world order at the time of the songs’ birth. “Airstrip One” is a meditation on Brexit, xenophobia and the manipulation of nationalistic fears in the face of an uncertain future. “Backpfeifengesicht,” a musical voodoo-doll of the President-elect on the eve of his victory, takes its title from a German compound word whose various translations include “a face in search of a lead pipe.”

This single will be released digitally on 1/20.

Artwork by Ryan Nelson

J Robbins
guitar, vocals
Janet Morgan
bass, vocals
Darren Zentek

  1. Backpfeifengesicht
  2. Airstrip One