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Dischord 139 Beauty Pill The Unsustainable Lifestyle

The debut full-length by Beauty Pill, originally released in 2004.

Chad Clark
vocals & guitar
Ryan Nelson
drums & guitar
Basla Andolsun
Drew Doucette
Rachel Burke
vocals, wurlitzer

1. Goodnight For Real + queue
2. Lifeguard In Wintertime + queue
3. The Mule on the Plane + queue
4. Prison Song + queue
5. The Western Prayer + queue
6. Won't You Be Mine + queue
7. Such Large Portions! + queue
8. Nancy Medley, Girl Genius, Age 15 + queue
9. Quote Devout Unquote + queue
10. Drive Down the Cost + queue
11. I'm Just Gonna Close My Eyes for a Second + queue
12. Terrible Things + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Chad Clark
Mastered By
Emily Lazar at The Lodge