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No Kill No Beep Beep


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Dischord 123 Q And Not U No Kill No Beep Beep

Q and Not U's first full-length record, released in 2000.

The 12" LP includes a free MP3 download.

Chris Richards
guitar & vocals
Harris Klahr
guitar & vocals
Matt Borlik
bass & vocals
John Davis
drums & vocals

1. Line In The Sand + queue
2. End the Washington Monument (Blinks Goodnight) + queue
3. Fever Sleeves + queue
4. Hooray For Humans + queue
5. Kiss Distinctly American + queue
6. We Heart our Hive + queue
7. Lil' Sparky + queue
8. The More I Get, The More I Want + queue
9. Y Plus White Girl + queue
10. Nine Things Everybody Knows + queue
11. Sleeping The Terror Code + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Ian MacKaye