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Until the Eagle Grins


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By: amber m minarchick 10 months ago permalink

this is a hugely slept on LP. i’ve loved it since i first heard it 15+ yrs ago. I’ve always wanted a repress or remastered repress. Any chance Dischord?

By: Steve Kroodsma almost 2 years ago permalink

Managed to find a copy of both this and Route 7 for a reasonable price on vinyl. But I, too, would love a reissue of these classic albums.

By: Amber M Minarchick over 2 years ago permalink

I would love to see this remastered on CD and especially vinyl! Jeff...Ian..are you there?

By: paul foster almost 3 years ago permalink

one of my favourite dischord releases.

By: Ryan Chamberlain over 4 years ago permalink

this is a serious contender for a remaster/reissue!!! Along with "Solid Brass" and "Artificial Horizon"

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Dischord 098 Crownhate Ruin Until the Eagle Grins

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The debut LP by The Crownhate Ruin. Released in 1996.

This album is out of print on CD and 12" LP. However it is available as a digital download.

Joseph McRedmond
guitar, vocals
Frederick Erskine
bass, vocals
Vin Novara

1. Ride Your Ride + queue
2. Late Arriving Rock Dudes + queue
3. Stretched Too Thin + queue
4. In The Four Years To Come + queue
5. Every Minutes Sucker + queue
6. Tornado Season Finale + queue
7. Better Still If They Don't Know + queue
8. Piss Alley + queue
9. You Will Wish Me Dead + queue
10. Blood Relative + queue
Recorded At
WGNS Studios by
Produced By
Geoff Turner