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By: gunter habets - over 1 year ago - permalink - flag

I remember getting the video as soon as it dropped at my local music shop, JJ Records in Leuven. And having watched it, I remember feeling that buzz afterwards, the sense of perfection and completeness that the footage sparked. I have enjoyed the film numerous times since and still think it is the most amazing and spot on documentary possible. It is all I could have ever hoped for, and more. It is Fugazi.

By: Randy Frederick - almost 2 years ago - permalink - flag

Just got this in the mail today. Man do I love some Fugazi !! I saw them in 1991 in Orlando,Fl and what a great show. This dvd is awesome. A must have for a fugazi fan.

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Dischord 080 Fugazi Instrument

A film/video (115 minutes) by Jem Cohen and Fugazi

Shot 1987-98 on super 8,16mm and video

Available on DVD (NTSC) & VHS

Released on Video :
March 1999
Released on DVD:
November 2001
Ian MacKaye
vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto
Joe Lally
Brendan Canty