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Rainbows from Atoms


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By: Robert Hicks 2 months ago permalink

Please reissue this on vinyl!

By: Jason R Nelson 4 months ago permalink

Reissue LP! Reissue LP! And I'm seeing white vinyl for this one?

By: jeffrey a mcgrath 10 months ago permalink

please re press the lp!

By: Willie Dillon over 1 year ago permalink

You guys should reissue the original, not remastered. The original sounds amazing. Please stop remastering albums. You just make them louder with less dynamic range. No one wants that.

By: Philip J Monahan about 2 years ago permalink

Yes, a reissue of this on vinyl would be amazing! Sure, I'll buy the digital download, but this record deserves to be in print. Please!!!

By: Kirk Gauthier over 4 years ago permalink

There are few bands I'm willing to buy more than one copy of their albums, but Lungfish isn't one of 'em. I bought the download of this album mere days after I got "Talking Songs for Walking + Necklace of Heads" and will buy this album again whenever it's re-released on vinyl.

Please, when you can, make this album available on vinyl again! I could listen to "Intrument" over and over and over again until I die!

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Dischord 078 Lungfish Rainbows from Atoms

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Lungfish's second full-length LP, released in 1993.

The CD and 12" LP are out of print, however, it is still available digitally.

This CD was re-mastered and re-packaged in 2008.

Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne
John Chriest
Mitchell Feldstein

1. Instrument + queue
2. Mother Made Me + queue
3. Abraham Lincoln + queue
4. Animal Man + queue
5. Fresh Air Cure + queue
6. Creation Story + queue
7. Axiomatic + queue
8. Open House + queue
9. 8.14.2116 + queue
10. You Might Ask Me What + queue
11. Seek Sound Shelter + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ian MacKaye