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Banging the Drum


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By: Rudy D. Olivarez almost 3 years ago permalink

yes please re issue both records, Fumbe and Banging the drum if you can!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Gregory Polard over 3 years ago permalink

Any chance of a reissue of this and "Fumble" on vinyl? I have the mp3's but man, I'd love to get these on LP. I promise I'd spread the word so you sell a bunch of copies :)

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Dischord 025 Scream Banging the Drum

CASS out of stock

The third full-length album by Scream, released in 1986.

This 12" LP is out of print. However, the songs are available on cassette and as downloadable MP3s, from the band's Fumble/Banging the Drum release (DIS082).

Peter Stahl
Franz Stahl
Robert Lee Davidson
guitar & vocals
Skeeter Thompson
bass & vocals
Kent Stax

  1. Banging the Drum
  2. People People
  3. I.C.Y.U.O.D.
  4. Nod to the East
  5. Mineshaft Burning
  6. The Rhythm Beating
  7. Feel Like That
  8. Walkin' By Myself
  9. When I Rise
  10. The Sing-it-up Kidz
  11. Chokeword