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By: Jason R Nelson over 5 years ago permalink

Such a great album. I was fortunate enough to see them play, and they were just an amazing band. Looking forward to a vinyl reissue, as my old cd was borrowed and never returned, and I always wanted this on vinyl.

By: Henry Perez about 8 years ago permalink

when are the vinyls coming out again
for the warmers and one last wish?

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Dischord 102 Warmers s/t

CD out of stock
Buy Digital $712" LP out of stock

The Warmers' full-length record, released in 1996.

This record is out of print on LP and CD, but the songs are still available in digital MP3 format.

Alec MacKaye
guitar & vocals
Juan Carrera
bass & vocals
Amy Farina

1. Snake Charmer + queue
2. Mad At The Man + queue
3. IWAAY + queue
4. The Lowdown + queue
5. No One Like Me No One Like Me + queue
6. That Beautiful Light + queue
7. Walking Solves It + queue
8. Thin Air + queue
9. Poked It With A Stick + queue
10. Three Gifts + queue
11. Chuck Your Brains Out + queue
12. Your Great Escape + queue
13. Occupation: Fish + queue
14. Dead Reckoning + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Ian MacKaye & The Warmers