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Coriky release update


With the shut down of distributors and record stores still in place across the country and world, Dischord has decided to postpone the release date of the Coriky record until late May. We realize that there are many people who have been waiting for the records they ordered and we very much appreciate their patience. The decision to further postpone the record was made in solidarity with the shuttered shops and distributors and with the hope that the independent music network will survive.

This is uncharted territory, but we’re doing our best to look out for all concerned and hopeful that we can all get to the other side of this together.


By: cecil cox 9 days ago

any update?

By: Charles A Neff 11 days ago

The original release date was on my birthday...but the rationale for postponement was justified. Now I can just view this as a welcome to the new normal soundtrack once it's released.

By: Douglas Stephens 18 days ago

Music stores here in California are starting to open for curbside pickup. Hopefully the album can ship soon. Can't wait to hear it!

By: Aldo Benincasa 19 days ago

You're right, any help for the independent musical network, anywhere, it's really helpful, thanks, we will be waiting for that record !

By: Jeff McLeod 26 days ago

AOK with me! Will be cranking it whenever it arrives!

By: Daniel Primavera 27 days ago

So very excited for this eventual release!

By: James McWhirr about 1 month ago

Good call, totally support your stance.

By: Wyatt Porter about 2 months ago

Great to hear. Calendar's marked.

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