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Red Hare "Lexicon Mist" 7" Out in February


Early next year, Dischord and Hellfire records will release Lexicon Mist, a new 3-song 7" by Red Hare. This is the band's first release since its debut full-length, Nites of Midnite, and it arrives as the group is completing work on its second album. The record contains two original songs and a cover of Lungfish's "Sphere of Influence."

Red Hare is Shawn Brown (Swiz, Fury, and the original-and-current singer of Dag Nasty), Jason Farrell (Swiz, Bluetip), Dave Eight (Swiz, Bluetip), and Joe Gorelick (Garden Variety, Retisonic).


By: dischord over 5 years ago

Shawn Brown did the cover illustration

By: Tim Neilson over 5 years ago

This is excellent news, the 12" was fantastic!

By: Chuck Jones over 5 years ago

Who did the art on the 7"?

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