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New tape from Imminent Frequencies


The latest release from Imminent Frequences, who brought us a very popular Zomes tape late last year, features Jacob Long from Mi Ami and Black Eyes. Earthen Sea's Waves is a cassette with "Radiation" on Side A and "Ocean / Stormy" on Side B.

Black Eyes released their self-titled debut full-length LP on Dischord. They followed it up with Cough in 2004. The first time I heard "Deformative" from the s/t album, I was hooked.

I've been more than impressed with what the former band members have accomplished since. Both Jacob and Daniel Martin-McCormick played in Mi Ami and put out a slew of records - Steal Your Face and Watersports, to name a few. Jacob left the band last year, but Martin-McCormick and bandmate Damon Palermo recorded Dolphins, which will be released on Thrill Jockey in 2011.


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