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Music for a Meteor Shower


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Tiger Style Records ts28 Tara J. O'Neil & Dan Littleton Music for a Meteor Shower

A collaborative effort by songwriters Tara Jane O'Neil and Dan Littleton (Ida). Released in 2002.

  1. The Ballroom
  2. Talking in the Kitchen
  3. Ooh La La...
  4. What She Was Thinking
  5. Feedback Annie
  6. Juliette
  7. For The Glasses Boys
  8. Stringing a Broken Neck
  9. The Langorous Girl
  10. Tourettes
  11. The Disembodied Juliette
  12. Sweet Neck
  13. Brokeneck
  14. Waiting for the Horse to Come Back
  15. What Was He Thinking
  16. Long Held Ones