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By: Nathaniel M Landry about 8 years ago permalink

No sophomore slump here, but I've never known Asa to disappoint.
Long live Zomes,
Remember Lungfish!

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Thrill Jockey tj267 Zomes Earth Grid

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Zomes is the solo project of Asa Osborne, the guitarist of Lungfish. Earth Grid, Zomes second solo album, is the culmination of Osborne's years of exploring meditative modal models. Written, played, and recorded entirely at home on cassette tape, Earth Grid, is an intimate and intentionally primitive recording. The album was mastered by Bob Weston. The cover art was created by Osborne whose reputation as a visual artist is growing. He has had several group and solo shows, including a show at New York’s Mountain Fold Gallery with Lungfish singer and friend, Daniel Higgs. A fan of primitive and outsider art, Osborne’s work uses common objects to reach transformative ends. A visual reflection of the music, the cover takes simple elements (white medical tape on black paper) and via careful placement and repetition of patterns with subtle variations creates a beautiful space transforming the simple to the infinite.

Zomes will be touring in the US this April with The Skull Defekts, and in Europe with Kogumaza in May. A record of live improvisations and a new studio album are forthcoming.

  1. Openings
  2. Pilgrim Traveler
  3. Melody, the Prism
  4. Bloodlines
  5. Spiraling
  6. Stark Reality
  7. Step Anew
  8. Youth of the Beast
  9. The Garden
  10. OK Philosophy
  11. Aquanauts
  12. Earth Grid
  13. Life on the Wheel
  14. Alec's Anthem
  15. A Path of Music