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Street Stains stains01 Street Stains S/T

The debut release by Washington, D.C. / Philadelphia, PA duo, Street Stains, which features Chris Richards (Q and Not U) and Sean McGuinness (Pissed Jeans). 14 lo-fi songs about bad dinner parties, punk rock jadedness, and phone interviews.

  1. Street Stains
  2. A Big To Do
  3. The Brains is a Bruise
  4. The Party
  5. I Wanna Die (In the Summertime)
  6. No No No
  7. Somewhere Over the Chemtrails
  8. Ice Water and Saltines
  9. The Wait Around
  10. (I Need Space) To Be A Jerk
  11. Hardcore Sensuality
  12. Really Wanna
  13. Better Than Nothing
  14. We Need to Talk