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Brilliant Mistake


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Simple Machines sm53 Tsunami Brilliant Mistake

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A Brilliant Mistake is Tsunami's fourth release. After the release of The Heart's Tremolo in 1994 Tsunami spent two years honing skills, recruiting new converts, watching the zodiac and avoiding two of the most disgusting years of rock commercialism. Fourteen songs recorded in April 1997 with the fellas at Kingsize Soundlabs in Chicago, and, really the best sounding stuff yet. Gorgeous vellum packaging, and lots of lyrics to read.

  1. Old Grey Mare
  2. Great Mimes
  3. Double Shift
  4. Enter Misguided
  5. The Workers are Punished
  6. Liar's Dice [Flight of the Chickens]
  7. The Match
  8. Poodle
  9. Unbridled
  10. DMFH
  11. David Foster Wallace
  12. Hockey
  13. PBS