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I Know About You


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Simple Machines sm47 Ida I Know About You

Ida's third record shows a departure from the norm. Here, Ida pieces together a scrapbook of an album, a total of 15 tracks recorded in almost as many places, nestling five covers from songwriters as diverse as Bill Monroe and Brian Eno between the ten original tracks. Some four-track, some studio, some bedroom tracks, and as always, Ida's singing and songwriting itself is to be cherished and admired for making hearts swell.

  1. Little Things
  2. Requator
  3. Back Burner
  4. When I Was Now
  5. Tellings
  6. August Again
  7. Thank You
  8. Plans
  9. Downtown
  10. 95 North
  11. Treasure Chest
  12. Goodnight