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Simple Machines sm28 Franklin Bruno A Bedroom Community

Presenting the first solo album from Nothing Painted Blue's Franklin Bruno. Franklin's previous solo releases include two cassette-only releases on the Inland Empire's Shrimper label and out-of-print singles on Baby Huey and Walt, as well as various compilation appearances. A Bedroom Community is not Franklin Bruno's first (mostly) one-man effort, but it is his most fully realized. More than a bunch of tunes that his "rock band" couldn't or wouldn't play, the album is a modestly scaled work of pop auteurship in the not-too-grand tradition of Todd Rundgren and The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

  1. Then Again, Maybe I Won't
  2. Ghost Postage
  3. Cheat
  4. The Two of You
  5. Uninsulated Wall
  6. The Lonelysocks Generation
  7. Layered Look
  8. Untitled
  9. At Marsh Ranch
  10. Great Fool
  11. A Frozen Lake
  12. Skipped a Grade
  13. For the Firedrill
  14. The Death of Vaudeville