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Red Black Blood Attack


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Soda Jerk Records sjr016 Crispus Attucks Red Black Blood Attack

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Blistering hardcore recorded in College Park, Maryland. Released in 2001.

  1. One, Two, Three...Die!
  2. Danger in the Streets
  3. Schools of Assassins
  4. December 15, 1891
  5. If We Can't Have It, We're Gonna Take It
  6. Red Black Blood Attack
  7. Native Son With No Nation
  8. The Fight Remains the Same
  9. Drug the War
  10. The New Slavery
  11. The Rage and the Fury
  12. Deconstructing
  13. I Don't Want To Destroy Everything...Just You
  14. Che Sells, And So Do You
  15. I Pledge
  16. Sick-O