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Slowdime sd17 Crainium New Music cd

Post-gender, post-structuralist punk music featuring Brian DeGraw and Tim Dewitt, who would go on to form Gang Gang Dance. Released in 1998.

  1. The Roles We Play
  2. Watch Who They Beat
  3. You Pretend That You Depend, But Now You Are, Are You, Visible
  4. There Are No Rabbits In My Hat (Yes. Yes. I am a Traitor to my Sex)
  5. Abracadabra! What am I now?
  6. Only True Love Will Break the Rules
  7. Your Penis is Tiny and it Cannot Spell
  8. Cut it Out of My Body
  9. What Are We Hiding?
  10. New Hormones
  11. A New Music For a New Kitchen
  12. The Coquettery of Immobility, Oh Watch How I Bake, a Victim, a Baby, a Coital Cake
  13. A New Music For a New Kitchen