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By: nicholas joseph almost 7 years ago permalink

Just got this in the mail on saturday. Took a shot in the dark and hit dead on. The record/ the sound was something i was looking for without knowing what it would be. Well done well recorded and sounds great. If this wasn't on the dischord website i may never have known about it.

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Sockets sckts35 Buildings Everything in Parallel

The second full-length record from Washington, DC-based post-rock rock trio, Buildings. Released by Sockets Records in 2011.

David Rich
Collin Crowe
Nick McCarthy

  1. Upward through Ever-Expanding Light
  2. Everything is possible
  3. Zyklus
  4. Tessellations
  5. Water in Water
  6. For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
  7. Tiny Mountains

Recorded At
Treehouse Studio / Hosiery
Mastered By
Devin Ocampo
Mixed By
Devin Ocampo