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Resin re016 Landspeedrecord Good Housekeeping

A odds and sods/greatest "hits" compilation from Baltimore-based indie-rock quartet, Landspeed Record. Released in 2002.

  1. The Paxil Song
  2. Robotic Pornographic Queen
  3. Personal Safety
  4. Accident
  5. Count Me Out
  6. Invisible and Invincible
  7. Alicia Silverstone Shame Spiral
  8. I am Sharon Tate!
  9. Mission From God
  10. How I Ruined My Life With an Overactive Imagination
  11. Let the Exorcism Begin
  12. The Bleeding Heart of Cement
  13. Interoffice Copulation
  14. Signs and Symptoms
  15. Dead Girlfriend
  16. Kilki
  17. Mistake
  18. Glue Gun
  19. Road to Flight