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Road to Flight


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Resin re014 Landspeedrecord Road to Flight

The third LP from Baltimore-based quartet, Landspeed Record. Released in 2000.

  1. Mission From God
  2. Let the Exorcism Begin
  3. Turing Test
  4. Internet Killer
  5. The Best Revenge
  6. Emo Takes Last Place
  7. The Origins of the Fourth World War
  8. Fema
  9. The Bleeding Heart of Cement
  10. Last Parade
  11. Kung Pao
  12. How I Ruined My Life
  13. With an Overactive Imagination
  14. Why Famous People Shouldn't Breed
  15. Neil Armstrong
  16. Road to Flight
  17. Morgantown
  18. Cameron Diazapam