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Burden of History


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Resin re008 El Guapo Burden of History

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"The Burden of History," El Guapo's third release and first CD, was recorded by J. Robbins at Inner Ear in June or July 1997. It was El Guapo's first trip to Inner Ear, and J.'s first time recording in the "B" room on his own. During tracking, then-drummer Nate Smith began to experience stomach pain and had to be rushed to Sibley Memorial Hospital by Rafael while Justin finished overdubbing vocals. It turned out that Nate had kidney stones, and may still.

1. Steve McQueen, My Father + queue
2. It Carries Me + queue
3. Two Fallen Masks + queue
4. Braxton + queue
5. Jacob West Hartman + queue
6. La Unidad De Latinas + queue