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A  Hot Mess


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Paroxysm Records pxsm14 HottBeat A Hot Mess

Spastic, crunked out, disgustingly catchy musical debut from HOTT BEAT. This well-fed DC-based duo has been confounding & delighting audiences since 2002. Like a child catches a firefly in a jar, now fans can bring a litle bit of the glimmering glamour home. 12 super-caffeinated synthpunk show-stoppas, fueled by Gem Clear & Red Bull.

  1. Virtual Apocalypse
  2. Uh Oh
  3. Ramones
  4. Mail Song
  5. Booty Rott
  6. Nobody's Home
  7. Organs of Desire
  8. Hott Beat Down
  9. Pants Will Make You Smarter
  10. Devil's Chord
  11. Gotta Get It
  12. Trouble on the Run