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Perpetual Motion Machine pmm028 Catalyst Swallow Your Teeth

After seven long years, numerous mind-bending demos, eps, and splits Richmond, Virginia’s The Catalyst offer up their first full length album, Swallow Your Teeth. The record was recorded and mixed in May 2009 by Steve Roche (Off Minor) and mastered by Carl Saff (Young Widows).

  1. I Hate The Future
  2. Lars Ulrich's 1986 Funeral
  3. Assholier Than Thou
  4. Incidental Music
  5. Small Town Big Mouth
  6. Werewolves of Washington
  7. Japanese Maple
  8. Sterling is a Hole
  9. 42012
  10. Too Big To Fail
  11. A Goodbye From The Catalyst, You Dog