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Perpetual Motion Machine pmm022 Catalyst Marianas Trench

Richmond, Virginia’s The Catalyst return with a pummeling, 13 track disc of filthy, feedback-soaked, noisy rock, compiling songs from last year’s Marianas Trench 12” EP, their split 7” with Brainworms and split 12” with Mass Movement of the Moth.

  1. This Bike is a Gravity Bong
  2. Kyle vs. Robocop
  3. Proceed With Caution
  4. Attention Deficit Distortion
  5. Panic Don't Panic
  6. Three Ring Binder as a Makeshift Monster
  7. Thirsty Like Water Thirsty
  8. Smoke Crack Worship Satan
  9. Eating People is Easy
  10. Jesus Garcia
  11. Born With a Buzz
  12. Dunna Nanunna
  13. Song With No Words