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Volucris Avis Dirae - Arum


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Planaria plan22 Upsilon Acrux Volucris Avis Dirae - Arum

Brutal polyrhythmic prog for fans of Goblin, Ruins, Orthrelm, Zs, Magma. Two drummers panned to come out separately between your left and right speakers with mega complex time signatures.

  1. Oaxaca
  2. Ballet Instructor/ Dracula
  3. It Takes A Nation of Unicorns (To Hold Us Back)
  4. A Quart of Zolex
  5. Night of The Goblin
  6. Valence Electrons
  7. When Satan Ruled The Ocean, Jesus Made My Fish Tank Boil
  8. The Court of Zolex
  9. Your Geometric Hyena
  10. 45 Rodents
  11. The Seventh Gateway of Ninib Called Adarj