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Planaria plan16 Excelsior Hot Shit Sandwich

A discographical CD collection of previously released material from punk and rock heavy-hitters EXCELSIOR. Includes all the material from the band's LP and 12-inch EP, their Troubleman Unlimited mixtape, and six unreleased tracks. For fans of Black Flag, The Fall, Monorchid, and southern stoner boogie rock.

  1. Hot Shit Sandwich
  2. Hoedown (at the thunderdome)
  3. Harnessing the Power of The Elements
  4. A Fun Filled Escapade
  5. Robust
  6. Mobile Command Center
  7. Uncommonly Smooth
  8. Midnight Rendezvous
  9. All American Lover
  10. Captain Broadshoulders
  11. My Posse Don't Do Homework
  12. Super Ho 6Fivethousand
  13. Hiphip Hooray
  14. Seep into the Depths of the Unknown
  15. Boom Boom Da-Blekum!
  16. Sailing the Sea of Hoag...
  17. Buttock Party of Two, Two Buttocks
  18. While You're Thinking about That, Think about This
  19. Stay Loaded
  20. ...Hard Butt, Soft Butt
  21. Whispering Meadows
  22. The Manticores' Boner