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How's Your Process? (Work)


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ORG Music orgm2021 Dot Hacker How's Your Process? (Work)

Dot Hacker is Josh Klinghoffer, Clint Walsh, Eric Gardner and Jonathan Hischke.

Based in Los Angeles, the band originated when Klinghoffer and Clint Walsh were touring as part of Gnarls Barkley back in 2006. Two more seasoned musicians, Eric Gardner and Jonathan Hischke soon rounded up the lineup and the band was solidified in 2007. Klinghoffer’s schedule became substantially busier upon joining the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a full-time member in 2009, though Dot Hacker eventually found time to release its debut LP, Inhibition in 2012. How's Your Process is their second full-length effort.

  1. Aim
  2. First in Forever
  3. Floating Up the Stairs
  4. Elevator
  5. Whatever You Want
  6. Sermon of Sorts