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Flyin' the Flannel


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ORG Music org1060 fIREHOSE Flyin' the Flannel

12" LP out of stock

Pressed on high quality European vinyl

Remastered for vinyl for the first time in a decade

21st anniversary repressing

Available on limited edition red color vinyl

  1. Down with the Bass
  2. Up Finnegan's Ladder
  3. Can't Believe
  4. Flyin' the Flannel
  5. Epoxy, for Example
  6. O'er the Town of Pedro
  7. Too Long
  8. The First Cuss
  9. Anti-Misogyny Maneuver
  10. Toolin'
  11. Song for Dave Alvin
  12. Lost Colors
  13. Towin' the Line
  14. Losers, Boozers and Heroes