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Northern Liberties nolib3 Et At It i count

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Et At It play short, minimal, instrumental compositions with an organic robot quality --imagine computer music made with traditional instruments and played with an unmistakable human touch. Clearly this is a description that will only make sense to you when you hear it. This CD was recorded by Ian MacKaye at Inner Ear Studios.

Et At It feature ex-members of Meltdown and Meta-matics and sprang from the same experimental community that includes among others, Crom Tech, All Scars, The Crainium and Orthrelm.

1. Schwett + queue
2. Hard Cough + queue
3. Dreema + queue
4. Callisto + queue
5. Bore + queue
6. Beets + queue
7. Country + queue
8. Petals + queue
9. Bodybuilder + queue
10. Doubletree + queue