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Magic Bullet mb091 City By The Battlefield A Film About Skateboarding in Fredericksburg

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Mark Eyestone
Brent Eyestone
Producer/Music Supervisor
Throughout 2005 & 2006
March 2007

As the second in an ongoing series of collaborative DVD's documenting the skateboarders of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Magic Bullet and Fredericksburg Skateboards are proud to present "City By The Battlefield." Filmed over the course of late 2005 and 2006, this installment tracks many of the dynamic characters that make up a small town's skateboarding presence and features a healthy dose of progressive ideas from everyday skaters.

Set to a soundtrack courtesy of Magic Bullet Records & friends (This Will Destroy You, The All-American Rejects, Sparrows Swarm And Sing, Paul Michel, Mosh Patrol, New Idea Society, Forensics, Nitro Tokyo, etc.), "City By The Battlefield" is concrete evidence that while other sports evolve slowly over time and past glory upholds, skateboarding is reinvented daily.

NTSC/ Non-Region Encoded

  1. "Quiet" - This Will Destroy You
  2. "Dirty Little Secret" - The All-American Rejects
  3. "Big Deal" - Stephen Brodsky
  4. "Will/Won't" - New Idea Society
  5. "Shoot First" - Paul Michel
  6. "Come On, Comaraderie" - Sparrows Swarm And Sing
  7. "Nightmare On Dunbar Street" - Massacre of the Umbilical Cord
  8. "I'm Going To Sleep On It" - Mosh Patrol
  9. "Paper Airplanes" - Mosh Patrol
  10. "Warm Blood Within" - Sparrows Swarm And Sing
  11. "I Love You Please Come Back" - Mosh Patrol
  12. "Deathbox" - Doomriders
  13. "Hell Yeah" - Nitro Tokyo
  14. "Crappy Shop (50 Cent Diss Track) - Forensics
Recorded at
Across Japan, Europe, and North America
Produced by
Brent Eyestone