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Lovitt Records lov48 The Grey Asleep At The Wheel

Matt Deline
guitar and vocals
Hayden Menzies
Chuck Saso
guitar and vocals
Luke Rashotte
guitar and vocals

The Grey is a powerful, melodic rock quartet that periodically delves into experimental tangents. With influences ranging from Fugazi, the Jesus Lizard, Seaweed, Drive Like Jehu, and Juno to Tom Petty, The MC5, Neil Young, and Nick Cave, one can be assured that hints of styles, new and established, can be found in their post-rock stylings. Formed in the spring of 2003 in Ottawa, Canada, The Grey turned sporadic practices among old friends in a sweltering attic into a weekly ritual. This allowed the members of previous bands such as Shotmaker, Three Penny Opera, and Buried Inside to assemble a new musical group. These casual sessions quickly began to churn out a hybrid of punk rock and quirky experimental parts that sparked the enthusiasm of everyone involved and The Grey was born.

Asleep at the Wheel, their first full-length, is an energetic blast of raw feeling and forward thinking. One of the highlights of The Grey's debut is their ability to meld effortlessly different musical elements and influences into something wholly satisfying and engaging. The Grey's music on Asleep at the Wheel is at once cerebral and vioently passionate, a quality often sorely lacked by their musical peers.

  1. Captain of Thieves
  2. Roll The Numbers
  3. Hate The Music
  4. Sinking
  5. The Moving Parts
  6. Good People Everywhere
  7. Let The Machines Take It
  8. No Guarantees
  9. The Lights Are Alright
  10. Brand New Drugs