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Lovitt Records lov26 Fin Fang Foom Texture, Structure & the Condition of Moods

Michael A. Triplett
Michael C. Glass
Edwin A. Sanchez
bass and vocals
November 2001

Texture, Structure, and the Condition of Moods is an excellent primer on balance. From murky to bright, calculating to mellow, dense to light, the North Carolina threesome draws from an impressive palette to create a layered, tempered album. Fin Fang Foom has created a stimulating sound on their first full-length with measured use of different elements in a broad musical spectrum. Methodical arrangements and instrumentation captivate and intrigue the listener, and repeated listenings of Texture, Structure, and the Condition of Moods guarantee new discoveries in the songs labyrinthine construction. This spectacular first effort, with its attention to symmetry and equilibrium, is a hopeful sign for a promising band.

  1. The Fool and the Feign/li>
  2. Dead Ringer
  3. Of Weddings and Funerals
  4. Warriors! Come out and Play
  5. Fate and Chaos
  6. At Age 23
  7. Decepticon
  8. Iron Coat
  9. Blue Holes
  10. Crying, but Without Tears