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Lujo Records lj35 Frantic Mantis Data is Not Information

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Frantic Mantis began in 2003 as a Swedish/US collaboration of Hakan Johansson and Per Stalberg, of Division Of Laura Lee, and Shelby Cinca from Frodus. Their debut album Data Is Not Information is a blend of hardcore punk and electronic music. Released by Lujo Records in 2005.

  1. Creation Sickness
  2. Obsessive Online Community Drones
  3. My Eyes Feel Too Large For The Sockets
  4. 2600 Meeting At Pentagon City Mall In 1994
  5. Dark Horizons
  6. Sound Lurkers
  7. Glappkontakt
  8. Mantis Rising
  9. Delta To Delta
  10. Brooding Polychromes of an Almost Unthinkably Advanced Decay, The
  11. Economy Is The Enemy
  12. Data Is Not Information
  13. There is Only The Moment And That Is Where He Perfers To Be