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By: Matthew Bokovoy almost 9 years ago permalink

I kind of think the NYT writer last Sunday, who reviewed this, didn't quite get the satiric aspects of Mr. Svenonious' long-running repetoire. I feel sorry for that fellow....

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K Records k220 Chain and the Gang Music's Not For Everyone

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This is the second full-length album from Ian Svenonius' newest project, Chain and the Gang.

  1. Why Not
  2. Not Good Enough
  3. For Practical Purposes
  4. Livin' Rough
  5. It's a Hard Hard Job
  6. Detroit Music
  7. Detroit Music Pt.II
  8. Music's Not For Everyone
  9. Can't Get Away
  10. Privilege
  11. Youth is Wasted on the Young
  12. Not Good Enough (dub)
  13. Bill For the Use of a Body
  14. Why Not Pt.III