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Gypsy Eyes gyp05 John Bustine Waltzes & Pleas

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The debut full-length from D.C.-based singer-songwriter John Bustine. Released by Gypsy Eyes in 2007.

  1. This Guitar Says I'm Drunk
  2. Jesus, Jesus Not Again
  3. Graceless Birds of Death
  4. Miss Amputee West Culver County
  5. Can You Hear Me, O Lord?
  6. Come to Me
  7. Pensacola
  8. Tell Me I'm Yours
  9. Where Has Your Husband Gone, Donna
  10. Outlaw's Lullaby
  11. Lo! The Great Brown North
  12. The Wreck of the Good Ship Lollipop
  13. Te Ballad of Big Snake and Mister Frog