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Born to Die in Suburbia


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Vinyl Conflict grave65 Nightbirds Born to Die in Suburbia

The long awaited follow up to their 2011 debut LP, "Born to Die in Suburbia" delivers 14 new tracks - refashioning the dark overtones, surf inflections, and melodic sensibilities of their signature style without dramatically altering their core sound. Rife with impassioned social commentary, tales of dysfunction and despair, and lamentations of a culture in rapid decline, "Born To Die In Suburbia" is an instant punk rock classic for this modern world on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

  1. Escape from New York
  2. Born to Die in Suburbia
  3. Modern Morons
  4. Domestic Dispute
  5. No Spoilers
  6. Ads in My Eyes
  7. Nazi Gold
  8. Silver Alert
  9. Pretty Poison
  10. Villa Obscura
  11. Maimed for the Masses
  12. New Cults
  13. Less the Merrier
  14. Golden Opportunity