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Grave Mistake Records grave074 Iron Boots Complete Discography

This LP compiles the complete recordings by Virginia Beach, VA hardcore band, Iron Boots. Released by Grave Mistake in 2015.

  1. Weight of the World
  2. Another Thing Coming
  3. Crashing Down
  4. Bone to Pick
  5. FYA
  6. Cop A Tude
  7. Chosen Few
  8. Who Laughs Last
  9. Don't Come Back
  10. Weight of the World (v.2)
  11. Take Control
  12. No Way Out
  13. Crashing Down (v.2)
  14. No Choice
  15. Wardogs
  16. Steam
  17. DBTH
  18. Easy Green
  19. Bizarre
  20. Locked in Sight