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self released fw001 Fire and the Wheel Self-Titled

The debut full length from Washington, D.C.'s The Fire and the Wheel. Released in 2012 as a limited run of only 200 copies.

Joey Harrison
Ron Storhaug
Donny Potter
Brian Moran

  1. Predawn Battle
  2. Hooke's Law
  3. Road to Paradise
  4. Fool's Errand
  5. Balloon Ride Ending in a Swim
  6. Wheelbarrow de la Muerte
  7. Garden Gnome
  8. Horticulture Is Not for Everyone
  9. The Wheel
  10. Purple Moon
  11. Carving Up the Beast
  12. Long Way Down

Produced By
Fire and the Wheel
Mastered By
Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering
Mixed By
Fire and the Wheel