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What a Plague You Are


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Flannel Gurl fg005 Weak Teeth What a Plague You Are

The debut full-length from Providence, RI's Weak Teeth. Released in 2011.

vocals, bass
guitar, vocals
guitar, vocals

  1. With Love from the Great War
  2. New Theaters for the Common Man
  3. Repetition Implies Importance Implies Importance
  4. Facebath 2: Hyperface
  5. Get a Life, Read a Book, Eat a Dick
  6. Awexome Cross '98
  7. It's Nice to Talk to Someone with the Same Void
  8. No One Is That "Going to Hell" More than Us
  9. Arson Daily
  10. What a Plague You Are
  11. Blue Skies Shit Life

Recorded At
The Parlour in Pawtucket, RI
Mastered By
Dan Sawyer
Mixed By
Dan Sawyer