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Exotic Fever exf058 Red Rumsey / Teach Me Equals Split LP

Red Rumsey has long been the pen-name for celebrated bassist Vern Rumsey (Unwound, Long Hind Legs, Fitz of Depression), but it was not a proper band until progressive FL duo, Teach Me Equals, came on the scene while on tour in 2013. The three bonded over a mutual a inity for classical music and experimental taxidermy. Soon thereafter, Teach Me Equals became an Olympia band, and Vern Rumsey retired from retirement. Recorded by Steve Fisk and mastered by Joel Nanos, RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals is a split EP that explores a place of minimalism and futurism: the geography shaped by bow-strokes and machines; the atmosphere by punk rock-compounds, albeit totally alien. It is out now via Philadelphia's Exotic Fever Records.

  1. Big House - Red Rumsey
  2. Prime Numbers - Red Rumsey
  3. Three Part Harmony - Red Rumsey
  4. Judas Goat - Teach Me Equals
  5. PCiii - Teach Me Equals