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Safety Fifth


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Electric Cowbell ec703 Mucca Pazza Safety Fifth

Mucca Pazza's third full-length, "Safety Fifth." For fans of Captain Beefheart, Nino Rota, Balkan brass bands, Beirut, Fellini films, Ennio Morricone, Andrew Bird, John Phillip Sousa, and Raymond Scott.

  1. Boss Taurus
  2. Monster Tango
  3. Touch the Police
  4. Rabbits and Trees
  5. Last Days
  6. Sunday Showing, Part 1
  7. Sexy Bull
  8. Marcia Anormale
  9. Tube Sock Tango
  10. Hang 'Em Where I Can See 'Em
  11. Coolashell
  12. Mawi Wawi 5 - 0
  13. Fanfare